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Architecture Term Paper Topic Ideas

A Brief Consideration of Some Modern Building Projects and Their Influence on Architecture

This undergraduate paper answers four questions concerning architecture, including: "Many large buildings from the last 100 years are built with a solid appearing base 2 or 3 stories high, a mid section with vertical or horizontal emphasis, and a large "cornice" consisting of a different treatment of the top 1 or 2 floors or a wide or decorated overhang. This theme can be seen in many buildings in San Francisco including many modern skyscrapers. Look around for an example of this and please tell me about it."Can you think of any projects in recent times attempting to make major changes within existing cities?", "Look around for some columns that are not vertical and tell me about the particular building you choose", and "Think about large contemporary projects (not necessarily construction projects) that were not carried out by architects, but which nevertheless had an influence on architecture". In answering these questions, this paper considers buildings as diverse as the Haas-Lilienthal House in San Francisco, the Team Disney headquarters in Burbank, California, The Transamerica Pyramid in San Francisco, the Pyramide du Louvre in Paris, and the New Globe Theater in England.

A Brief Examination of William Butterfield's Life and Achievements.

When I decided to do my essay on this topic I addressed the life and the works of the prominent architect, William Butterfield.

A Discussion of the Influence of Classical Antiquity upon the Architecture of Andrea Palladio

This paper will discuss Palladio's life and art with respect to his interest in the architecture of classical Roman antiquity. It will be argued that from his earliest encounters with the monuments of classical Rome while a young apprentice, to his renewed engagement with classical forms as a mature architect, Palladio's work was profoundly influenced by the architecture of antiquity. Beginning with an analysis of Palladio's first contact with the antique, the application of his acquired knowledge in this regard will be studied with respect to some of his major works.

A Secular Temple: The Pantheon in Rome as a Representation of the Contradictions of Roman Imperial Architecture.

According to cheap coursework writing service this paper will argue that the "reading" of the Pantheon as an embodiment of Roman architectural values is problematic at best. It will be seen that while it embodies distinctive features of Roman architectural design, in many respects the Pantheon's design also seems to reflect a sense of "play" not normally associated with Roman culture. A complex of contradictions that may be said to mirror its builder, the cosmopolitan Hadrian, and his empire at its height.

A Summary of "The Architecture Profession."

This paper will summarize the article, "The Architecture Profession." This paper will highlight important points and show the relationship between the Architecture Profession and all other professions. One of the main roles of the architect is to balance the constraints between Clients and Project Workers. The building architect is more visible in this process than is the software architect, partly because their focuses are different. The software architect is focused on building a robust product in terms of the technology in vogue, while the building architect is more directly concerned with aesthetics and conceivably with economics. Building architects are more likely to shape the structure to requirements than are software architects; other considerations, like the domain and solution technology, provide the structural constraints for the software architect.

A Temple of Spirit: The Guggenheim Museum.

This paper examines the structure the Guggenheim Museum of New York. With examples, this paper will examine the many architectural elements in this building as well as the symmetry that is seen beyond the walls. In conclusion, this paper will define architecture as an art and even a story to be told. 


This paper examines the Air Canada Centre (ACC), stadium in Toronto, Ontario. It focuses on the dynamic demands of the client group, unique in the history of stadium construction and the responses of the architects and project managers.

Accountability And Proficiency Testing: Is Standardized Testing A Beneficial Way Of Showing Student Learning.

This is a proposal to define that standardized tests are beneficial for showing student learning and accountability of the teachers
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