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The e-mail data are all stored on the web hosting server. Therefore you do not have to worry about losing data if one day you have to change computer. Unlike when you use Outlook. In default settings, Outlook will delete e-mail on the server that has been downloaded. Therefore, the archive is only available on the Outlook software.

Suppose you have a company's main contact e-mail address with info@company.com and there are some people in charge of answering incoming e-mail. In such situations, WebMail is appropriate because it is accessible together, can archive all outgoing and incoming e-mails in one place, and can mark which e-mails are already in reply.

We provide web hosting here Best Web Hosting 2018 serve the purchase of web hosting easly. You do not always use the same computer to access e-mail or you are a frequent traveler without a laptop or personal computer. It could be that you're in the office using your office computer and at home using your own computer. But sometimes at home you need to access e-mail.

WebMail is appropriate because your e-mail data is stored on the server so there will be no problems when accessed from anywhere. Accessing e-mail using Outlook or other mail client software means pulling all incoming e-mail data into the software. By default, downloaded e-mails are also deleted from the server. Thus it does not require a large space on the hosting account because e-mail will be empty after Outlook download it.

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