Jobs Day circus is back

It’s the circus that comes to town once a month: Jobs Day. On the first Friday of each month, the Labor Department releases its jobs report detailing the unemployment rate and other economic data. As soon as that report is released at 8:30 a.m., pundits, economists, White House officials and congressional staffers leap into action. […]

Kanye’s world: Class, luxury and Steve Jobs

Kanye West, the multi-millionaire rap star designer of $350 haute couture shoes, has a lot to say about luxury. And he’s very critical. West — who Forbes said made $30 million last year — spoke out against the high-end world in a lecture at Oxford University on Tuesday. At the same time, he admitted the […]

Target to cut thousands of jobs

“Several thousand” jobs are on the chopping block at Target, the company said Tuesday. The cuts will come over the next two years and will primarily be at corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, where about 13,000 people work. Target employs 366,000 people worldwide. The changes are part of a larger restructuring, that aims to save $2 […]

Voodoo economics on ‘House of Cards': Why Underwood’s jobs plan is crazy

Spoiler alert: Frank Underwood’s economic policy in “House of Cards” is crazy. At least it is through the first four episodes, which is all my binge has so far taken in. With 18 months left in the White House, the fictional president on Netflix wants to add 10 million jobs. That’s over half a million […]

Obsolete jobs: Meet the guy who fixes Tom Hanks’ typewriter

When Tom Hanks and Sam Shepard need to get their typewriters fixed, they know exactly where to go: Gramercy Typewriter, a third-generation, family-run shop that’s still click-clacking away after 83 years. Yes, the typewriter is an anachronism. But no, it has not gone extinct. Nor have the typewriter repairmen of Manhattan, who labor endlessly to […]

26 states ignore reality on jobs

Here’s the hard reality about illegal immigration: Politicians can change policies. Judges can issue decisions. But the issue will not go away until Americans change their behavior. Trial lawyers have a favorite saying: “When you have the facts on your side, you pound the facts into the table. When you have the law on your […]

Peter Thiel: Robots don’t threaten middle class jobs

Stop blaming technology for all of society’s problems. That’s what billionaire venture capitalist Peter Thiel wants. The co-founder of PayPal and early backer of Facebook dismissed claims that super smart machines pose an imminent threat to American workers. “Middle class jobs in the U.S. are not threatened by artificially-intelligent robots. That’s like science fiction. It […]

Social media suggest #JobsforJonStewart

During Tuesday’s night taping of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart’s studio audience learned the news that would shortly become public: The comedian, who never shied away from stinging commentary on the state of politics and the news media, was leaving the host chair after 17 years, saying, “in my heart I know it […]

Oil toll: Halliburton to cut up to 6,400 jobs

Halliburton became the latest oil company to feel the sting of falling oil prices. The Houston-based oil filed services company said Tuesday it plans to cut between 5,200 to 6,400 jobs as oil and gas production slows down. The cuts translate to between 6.5% and 8% of the company’s 80,000 global workforce. “We value every […]

Steve Jobs and the king of stylish cars

Harley Earl taught Detroit how to get its Hollywood swing on. He’s credited for single-handedly igniting an automobile renaissance. His legacy has been compared to Leonardo da Vinci and even Steve Jobs. I mean, this guy created the Corvette, for God’s sake. So, with a resume like that, why isn’t Harley Earl a household name? […]

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