Trump says he can save these workers’ jobs – but they’re not supporting him

It’s a case of unrequited love between Donald Trump and Indiana’s blue collar workers. Trump says by getting tough on trade he could save American jobs at the Carrier manufacturing plant in Indianapolis. The company is known for manufacturing air conditioners, but it announced in February it would be moving its furnace operations to Mexico […]

‘Tide has begun to turn’ on middle class jobs

A major problem since America’s recovery from the recession has been the quality of jobs that have come back. For years, job growth was strongest in high-wage and low-wage jobs, hollowing out the growth of middle class positions. The decades-long trend of income inequality worsened after the recession. But the U.S. economy may now be […]

Cisco slashes up to 5,500 jobs

The hammer has fallen at Cisco. Cisco confirmed Wednesday that it will slash 5,500 jobs, or about 7% of its total workforce, to cut costs and make room for investments in trendy new areas like cloud computing and the Internet of Things. “Today’s market requires Cisco and our customers to be decisive, move with greater […]

Where the Green Party’s Jill Stein stands on jobs, taxes and more

Green Party candidate Jill Stein doesn’t command the kind of crowds and headlines that rivals Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump do. So many voters may not know where she stands on the issues. Stein, who is a physician, is set to participate in a CNN Town Hall Wednesday night where she plans to discuss her […]

Would Clinton’s plan really create 10 million jobs?

Hillary Clinton is very fond of one number: 10 million. She likes to remind Americans that her economic plan will add 10 million jobs, while Republican Donald Trump’s policies will cause 3.4 million job losses. “According to an independent analysis by a former economic adviser to Senator John McCain, if you add up all of […]

Trump’s old school: His immigration plan would kill 4 million jobs

Donald Trump’s immigration proposals are running into some gloomy forecasts at his own alma mater. Trump has said he would deport all 11 million undocumented workers in the United States. “We’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go,” Trump told “Meet the Press” a year ago in an interview. A new […]

5 of the weirdest jobs at the Olympics

Behind the Olympic athletes, in breaks between rounds, and on the sidelines, there are people doing odd jobs that make the show run in Rio. Here are five of the weirdest (but necessary) jobs we’ve seen at the Olympic Games so far. 1. The people who literally hold up the cyclists at the start of […]

Tokyo governor shares her #FirstSevenJobs

During an exclusive interview with CNN, Tokyo’s new governor, Yuriko Koike — the first woman to hold the post — shared her first seven jobs with us. And it’s an impressive list: Girl Scout (volunteer work) TV News Researcher (in which she said helped secure an interview with former Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi) TV News […]

Trump, Clinton duel over economy, jobs

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are laying out their proposals for the economy this week — and wasting no time exchanging fire over whose plan is best for America. In Detroit on Monday, Trump is set to outline an economic plan that calls for a ban on new financial regulations, a repeal of the estate […]

Hooray! Good jobs news is good for stocks too

Good news is finally good news. Stocks rallied Friday after the latest employment report showed a second consecutive month of solid jobs gains and a pickup in wages. The Dow popped more than 150 points. The Nasdaq rose 1% and moved closer to its first new all-time high since July 2015. Investors cheered the solid […]

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