China’s shrinking copper appetite is killing US jobs

China’s insatiable appetite for metals like copper is falling off a cliff. It’s destroying prices of raw materials. And killing U.S. jobs. Copper — a key indicator of global growth — has been hit especially hard by China’s slowdown. Prices have tumbled 40% since early 2013. There’s now an oversupply of copper in the world, […]

How one Chicago kid is escaping a life of dead-end jobs

Growing up in Chicago, Jesus “Jessie” Larios figured he’d end up working a dead-end job just like everyone else he knew. His parents immigrated from Mexico — his dad works at an auto parts store and his mom doesn’t have a job. One older brother never finished high school and is employed in a factory, […]

What does a world without full-time jobs look like?

The most common occupation among American men is driving. But the advent of the driverless car could put lots of cab drivers, truck drivers and limo drivers out of work in the not-so-distant future. Automation may also replace the jobs of many retail salespeople, cashiers, office clerks and food and beverage workers, said Derek Thompson, […]

Sex offenders, convicted murderers find jobs at Uber

What do registered sex offenders, a kidnapper, identity thieves and a convicted murderer have in common? Aside from being societal deviants, they all passed Uber’s background checks in California. That’s according to a civil complaint filed against Uber by the district attorneys for San Francisco and Los Angeles. The document alleges that Uber misleads customers […]

The jobs that are most threatened by technology

If history repeats itself, then most of us won’t have to worry about technology killing off our jobs. For a century and a half, computers, machines, and robots have created more jobs than they have destroyed, according to new research published this week. Economists at Deloitte studied employment records in England and Wales for every […]

Summer jobs help keep kids alive and out of prison

Having a summer job may not give kids much of a financial leg up for the future, but it does help keep them out of trouble, according to a study published this week. The study, which tracked the wages, mortality and incarceration rates of 200,000 14 to 26 year olds who applied or participated in […]

Job fair aims to get 100,000 ‘disconnected’ youth jobs

All they need is a shot. More than 3,000 young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds are gathering in Chicago today for the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative’s debut job fair. Recruiters from 29 companies, including Taco Bell, Hyatt, and Macy’s, will be looking to fill hundreds of local positions. Some of the young adults, who range in age […]

Kraft Heinz cuts 2,500 jobs

When mac & cheese combines with ketchup, what do you get? Apparently, pink slips. Kraft Heinz is laying off 2,500 workers — more than 5% of its total staff. Kraft and Heinz completed their merger in early July. Job cuts were widely expected when the deal was announced earlier in the year. Michael Mullen, a […]

Carly Fiorina: Oprah, Steve Jobs got fired too

Carly Fiorina says she was fired from Hewlett-Packard because she “challenged the status quo” — putting her in the company, she said, of Oprah, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Michael Bloomberg. The Republican presidential contender’s comments came as CNN’s Jake Tapper pressed her about being fired from the company in early 2005 amid concerns about […]

Solid and steady: U.S. economy gains 215,000 jobs in July

America’s economy is in good but not great shape this year. The U.S. economy added 215,000 jobs in July. Economists surveyed by CNNMoney predicted the economy would add 216,000 jobs. Anything above 200,000 is considered very solid. The unemployment rate stayed the same at 5.3%, which is its lowest point since April 2008, according to […]

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