Clearfield Borough Residents Warned to Stay off The Ice

CLEARFIELD ­– With winter finally upon us, Clearfield Borough residents are urged to stay away from the river during cold weather.

At Thursday’s Clearfield Borough Council meeting, Police Chief Vince McGinnis said during the recent cold spell, there were reports of two kids walking around on the ice that had formed on the river.

McGinnis asked that parents talk to their children about the dangers of falling through the ice.

He said while the ice may seem sturdy, the water under the surface is still moving, and it takes extremely cold temperatures for a long period of time for the ice to become solid enough for people to walk on.

He said it is extremely dangerous for anyone to walk on the ice that forms on the river.

McGinnis also warned residents about reports of a scam in the area. McGinnis said the Clearfield Municipal Authority had calls of individuals claiming to be from the authority and attempting to gain access into residents’ homes.

McGinnis said representatives from CMA said all employees carry identification cards and will drive in vehicles clearly marked with the CMA logo.

McGinnis said residents who have questions can call the CMA offices at 814-765-9609.

McGinnis urged the residents to be wary of anyone attempting to gain access to their homes. He said there have been reports of residents being distracted by one individual at the front door, while another gains access to another door.

He said there have also been reports of individuals posing as representatives and employees of various organizations in an attempt to get personal information and banking information from the residents.

He urged the residents to report any suspicious individuals to the police and to never give out personal information.

Also at the meeting, the council voted to approve:

  • The engineering agreement with Stiffler, McGraw, and Associates.
  • Advertising for gasoline and diesel bids.
  • Providing public notice for council meetings and planning commission meetings for 2018.
  • Accepting the resignation of Christopher Stott from the Clearfield Municipal Authority Board.
  • Advertising for opening on all borough committees.
  • Adopting the 2018 general fund and liquid fuels budget.
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