Three Sent to State Prison File Motions for Reconsideration of Sentence

CLEARFIELD – Three people sentenced to state prison last month filed motions for reconsideration of sentence that were discussed Tuesday before Judge Paul E. Cherry during motions court.

Michael James French, 46, Eldred, pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and indecent assault in November for having sex with a 22-year-old man who is intellectually limited. Cherry sentenced him to one to eight years in state prison.

Tuesday his attorney, Curtis Irwin, asked the judge to reconsider the maximum sentence.

French himself said that he has never committed a violent act or crime “in my entire life.”

Assistant District Attorney Jendi Schwab stated that the sentence was appropriate, pointing out that the court “had 20 years at its disposal” for this case.

She commented on the predatory nature of this crime because the victim has the mental capacity of an 8-year-old.

Cherry said he felt the sentence was reasonable for this case and denied the motion.

Terron Kenneth Davis-Williams, 23, DuBois, pleaded guilty in November to a felony count of delivery of a controlled substance-heroin in three cases. At that time, Cherry sentenced him to serve two to five years in state prison.

Irwin asked the court Tuesday to consider lowering his maximum sentence to four years because he is working on his GED and is hoping to go on to college.

Davis-Williams also asked to be eligible for the Quehanna Boot Camp because he said he’s been lacking structure in his life. He said this program could help him develop positive skills he can pass on to his children.

Schwab responded saying she was opposed because she thinks he wants to the boot camp because of the limit of the sentence. She reminded Cherry that there were two overdoses and near deaths because of the heroin Davis-Williams sold.

Instead of taking responsibility at sentencing, “he compared himself to a doctor” and said it wasn’t his fault, she said.

Cherry denied the motion.

Tristen L. Shugar, 21,    Brockway, pleaded guilty in November to a felony count of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and was sentenced by Cherry to six months to three years in state prison.

Irwin asked Shugar’s sentence be amended to a county sentence.

Shugar’s wife spoke for him, saying he “wants to be the man he used to be” and commenting that he’ll do better if he is close to his family.

Cherry took this request under advisement and will rule on it at a later time.

Shugar was facing the drug charge because DuBois City police found 130 stamp bags of heroin in a vehicle Shugar was driving.

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