LT Supers Request Lump Sum Payment of Misdirected LST Funds

CLEARFIELD – A letter from Keystone Collections Group was reviewed by the Lawrence Township Supervisors last night regarding misdirected local services tax funds.

The letter informed the township that LST funds from Appalachian Wood Products were accidentally sent to Clearfield Borough instead of the township by Keystone Collections.

Some of the money has been repaid to the township, but the borough has asked to be able to repay the rest of the money in payments.

Supervisor Bill Lawhead said that he understands how it might be difficult for the borough to pay the money in one lump sum, but the township had counted on that money for 2018 and the township has a very tight budget for the coming year.

He said that money factors into the budget and made a motion to request the borough pay the lump sum of $23,695.22, which was approved.

Because the budget is as tight as it is, the township is putting off purchasing a truck to replace one that has been breaking down.

Roadmaster Ron Woodling said if they are careful, they might be able to get the truck through the winter. The truck is used for plowing and Woodling said he will make sure it isn’t used for anything else in order to baby it through the season.

Police Chief Doug Clark reported that the police are working hard to be a visible presence in the community and as a result some incidents are down in reporting.

He said retail theft is high, however. Additionally, criminal arrests are up compared to last year, 82 this November compared to 30 in November 2016. Traffic arrests were 251 verses 71 and traffic stops were 195 verses 61.

Solicitor James Naddeo reported on the Wolf Run Authority. Last month the supervisors asked about the authority and whether it was still active. Naddeo said there are only three members and they have not met recently.

Additionally, the authority has about $4,000 in the bank and no debt. The authority needs to present a certificate asking that the authority be dissolved and then the township needs to accept this and pass a resolution officially dissolving the authority.

The authority has presented a certificate, but Naddeo said there are some things he needs to check.

Code Enforcement Officer Debra Finkbeiner reported that 32 reminder letters have been sent to residents in regards to infiltration problems with their laterals, which affects the Hyde sanitary sewer overflow. She said people are responding and working to resolve the problems.

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One thought on “LT Supers Request Lump Sum Payment of Misdirected LST Funds

  1. Paul Dietzel

    Now I realize that I may not know all of the ramifications of this issue but here’s my solution. The township’s treasurer or secretary or solicitor contacts Keystone and informs them that they have not received their refund. Keystone presumably replies that they sent it to the Borough. The Township in turn responds by saying that Keystone made an error and it is their responsibility to get the loot back from the Borough, but meanwhile you guys owe us the money. I cannot understand why it is the Township’s job to try to get the money from Clearfield Borough. Apparently Keystone made the mistake and it’s up to them to correct it. If the Borough has trouble repaying Keystone, that shouldn’t affect LT. Perhaps someday this whole question will be moot if consolidation ever comes about but it looks like that will be awhile thanks to the two supervisors who haven’t bothered to let the will of the voters be heard.

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