Clearfield Commissioners Approve 2018 Preliminary Budget Without Tax Increase

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Commissioners approved the 2018 preliminary budget without a tax increase on Tuesday.

Since last week’s budget presentation, the commissioners have reduced the county’s deficit from $969,837 to $698,888.

“It’s looking bleak,” said Commissioner Tony Scotto, chair. “We’ve asked department heads to watch their expenses.”

“We are taking every measure possible, so that the county can continue to conduct business smoothly.”

Commissioner Mark B. McCracken said some cuts were made across the county’s departments, and a couple department heads stepped up to reduce line items.

The county’s general fund budget calls for $20.13 million in revenues and $20.83 million in expenses.

The total budgeted revenues and expenses are $31.89 million and $32.59 million, respectively.

The county’s budget will now go on public display for 20 days. The commissioners will finalize the budget at its Dec. 26 meeting.

“And, we’re going to continue to pare down that deficit,” said Commissioner John A. Sobel. “We’ve been working on that daily.”

In other business, the commissioners authorized Solicitor Kim Kesner to initiate the process to obtain a Tax Anticipation Note (TAN) from First Commonwealth Bank for 2018.

A TAN is a short-term note for a state or local government to issue with expectations of repayment with imminent tax receipts.

A TAN provides state and local governments with the ability to stabilize cash flows and to proceed with bills and projects immediately rather than waiting to have cash in-hand.

The commissioners obtained a TAN last spring and closed it out by late summer. Kesner noted that last year’s TAN was also through First Commonwealth Bank.


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