Cost of New Travel Planners Discussed at Tourism Meeting

CLEARFIELD – The cost of new travel planners was one of several items discussed by the Clearfield County Recreation and Tourism Authority board during yesterday’s meeting.

A request for proposals was issued for 100,000 travel planners, requesting the quotes for both design and printing.

Four proposals were received from Kenyon Press, Magnus Marketing, Lunar Cow and Knepper Press. Knepper Press, however, only offers printing and would require the work of a separate designer.

The quote from Lunar Cow is for three years and will include a discount on the first year since the company is currently working on Visit Clearfield County’s Web site. In addition to the discount, the Web site will be free.

The lowest quote was from Kenyon Press at $44,051. The quote from Lunar Cow was $58,975, locked in for three years. The first year discounted price is $51,975.

After considerable discussion, the board ultimately decided to take the quote from Lunar Cow for several reasons, including having done business with them in the past and liking the product and also having a price locked in for multiple years.

Additionally, the Web site should be finished by the end of this month.

The board also approved attendance at several shows next year, including the Great Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, a show in Morgantown, W.Va., which is a new one for VCC, a show in Hamburg, New York and the Toronto Spring Motorcycle Show. They will also be attending some events with bus associations, etc.

There was discussion on ways to track the effectiveness of attending these shows.

Assistant Director Sue Swales-Vitullo said they know for certain that the Toronto show has been successful based on the number of contacts they’ve made with people wanting to visit the area on motorcycle, including visiting the Harley Davidson shop in DuBois.

The staff will work on ways to track the number of visitors to the area as a result of attending these shows.

The board also approved a sponsorship contract with the City of DuBois for the small College World Series after approving language for a sponsorship contract with some changes.

Provided Solicitor Andy Gates approves the changes, this will be the contract used for future sponsorship opportunities.

Director Josiah Jones updated the board on various events the staff has been attending including the red carpet event for the movie Generational Sins in Philipsburg. He said 85 percent of the movie was filmed in Clearfield County and they were providing guests with information on those areas.

VCC is also holding a Geocaching 101 class at Showers Field in DuBois on Oct. 22. There will also be VCC presence at the Clearfield and Parker Dam festivals this Saturday.

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