Clearfield Pub’s World-Famous Burger Challenge to be Featured on Japanese TV Show

(Photos by GANT News Team)

CLEARFIELD – Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub catered to more international visitors last week when a Japanese film production company wanted to take on a world-famous pub burger challenge. 

The show’s producers “introduce subjects from overseas that are outstanding or simply surprising to see for the Japanese audience.” The new show will be aired on TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System).

“So naturally, as you can guess, the episode we were filming was about the unbelievably big burger challenge in the United States,” says Amin Shaikh of TK Digital Corp.

Shaikh added, “We also went to Austin, Texas to film a big pizza challenge, New Orleans to film an oyster challenge and then New York City to film an ice cream challenge.”

The film crew made more than one visit to Denny’s Pub in order to experience the 15-pound as well as the giant 50-pound burgers.  During the filming, patrons were treated to a new experience, as well.  

The pub, which recently celebrated its 40-year anniversary, is now taking their television presence overseas. 

The Liegey family and their burgers have been previously featured on The Colbert Report, The Today Show, Good Morning America, The Food Network, Travel Channel, David Letterman’s Top 10, The Rachel Ray Show and The Tony Danza Show.  

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