Collins: Clearfield County Jail Continues to Exceed Standards

CLEARFIELD – A recent inspection, required by Title 37 and conducted by the state Department of Corrections Office of County Inspections and Services, was held recently at the Clearfield County Jail.

Warden Greg Collins announced that the jail exceeds standards on a yearly basis, and this year was no different.

Collins spoke with the Clearfield County Prison Board about the inspection at yesterday’s meeting, adding that everything went well and they should receive a full report from the state soon.

There was also a note during yesterday’s meeting that there were no unusual incidents reported at the jail in the past month.

The housing report stated that July began with 139 inmates with 134 committed, 128 released and an average daily population of 145, with 146 incarcerated as of July 31.

As of yesterday’s meeting, that number was even lower.

Collins explained to the press after the meeting that the official capacity is 139, but more can be held if needed and they would not start sending inmates to other counties until they were in the mid-160 range.

Additionally, there were 22 inmates on home detention and 12 on supervised bail during July.

Under work release, July began with five participants. Three new participants were added to the program and three were paroled and one was removed due to violation of work release rules. The month ended with four inmates enrolled in the program.

The board reviewed the financial report and there was one question regarding a charge of $755 for oral surgery.

Collins explained that many inmates have drug problems and as a result their teeth suffer. The bill was for one inmate who had to have some extractions as well as an infection dealt with.

An executive session was held for personnel and legal issues, with no action taken.

Next month’s Prison Board meeting will be held at CCJ on Sept. 11 at 11 a.m.

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