Programs Announced for June 29-July 4 at Parker Dam

PENFIELD – Programs have been announced for June 29 through July 4 at the Parker Dam State Park.

Thursday, June 29

Explore Archery: 

10 a.m. – Environmental Education Classroom 

Have you always wanted to learn to shoot a bow and arrow?  You can come and learn the basics of archery, along with range rules and safety procedures.   Bows have up to a 25-pound pull; very small archers may have difficulty.

Friday, June 30

The Civilian Conservation Corps: 

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

They built the park facilities so that Parker Dam could officially open as a state park on July 4 weekend in 1937.  The program was also one of the most successful government programs to be undertaken.  You can come learn about life in the CCC, who they helped and what it was all about.

Saturday, July 1

Natural Symbols Hike-Souders Trail: 

10 a.m. – outside Park Office 

The state tree, state wildflower and perhaps the state bird, state insect and state fish may be seen along this trail.  You can learn what they are and why they were named on this one-mile hike.  Please wear appropriate shoes.

Steal the Bacon?: 

2 p.m. – Beach 

You can learn to play an old game of tag while learning the natural symbols of Pennsylvania.  Participants won’t be stealing bacon, but something a bit more unique.

Orienteering Basics: 

3 p.m. – Environ. Educ. Classroom 

You can come learn how to use a compass and why this skill remains important, even in this age of electronics.   Participants will then head outside to practice the skills covered.

American Eagle: 

8:30 p.m. – Campground Amphitheater 

As a symbol of the United States and unique to North America, the Bald eagle is probably the most recognizable aerial predator we have.  You can come learn about this majestic bird, the issues it has faced and its tremendous come-back.

Sunday, July 2

Tea and Talk: 

7 p.m. – Beach House steps 

You can bring a cup/mug to try some sweet fern/mountain mint tea.  Topics are open for discussion, and you can come with an idea of what you want to know or share.  Tea and Talk has been going on for many years, and you can come and be a part of the tradition.

Tuesday, July 4

Annual Reading of the Declaration of Independence: 

2 p.m. – Beach 

You can come and listen and contemplate the sacrifices made so long ago.  You will learn about why this holiday exists for our enjoyment and annual celebration.  If you’ve never heard the words, you owe it to yourself to listen on this day.

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