Lawrence Township Police Issue Warrant List


Editor’s Note: GANT has teamed up with local law enforcement agencies throughout Clearfield County to develop a listing of persons for whom there are arrest warrants. Anyone with information about wanted persons is asked to contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. GANT will update its warrant page monthly based upon information provided by the participating law enforcement agencies.

Lawrence Township Police Department   Contact: 814-765-1533  
Florence Allen Hyde Summons Undelivered  
John Bates Clearfield Failure to Pay Dog Warrant $2,680
Tammy L. Batts Holidaysburg Failure to Pay Non-traffic $217.50
Shawn Baum Derry Failure to Respond Traffic $410.50
Richard k. Bloom Clearfield (4) Failure to Respond Traffic  
Mylissa L. Bunn Gallitzin Failure to Respond Traffic $128.50
Donald E. Clark Jr. Altoona Failure to Pay Non-traffic $264
Gregory Dale Clearfield Failure to Pay Non-traffic $396.29
Jeff Detrick Strattanville Failure to Respond Non-traffic  
Andrea J. Doms Apollo Failure to Pay Traffic $315
Eugene M. DuBois Curwensville Failure to Pay Traffic $128
Mandy Duval Grampian Failure to Respond Non-traffic  
Marlene Lee Dyne Kane Failure to Pay Traffic $304
Kelly M. Fredricks Warren (3) Summons Undelivered Traffic   
Heather D. Gains Houtzdale Summons Undelivered  
Mark M. Guthrie Grampian (2) Non-traffic Failure to Pay $452
Jess Hathcock Indiana, Pa. Failure to Pay Non-traffic $238.50
Susan Hoover Karthaus Failure to Respond Traffic  
Rachel M. Horchak Curwensville Failure to Pay Traffic $365
Brett Van Jacobs Madera Failure to Pay Non-traffic $387
Joseph C. Johns Clearfield Failure to Pay Traffic $55
Richard I. Kennedy Clearfield Failure to Respond Non-traffic  
Vaughn E. Krepps   Non-traffic Failure to Pay $254
Heather Krouse Clearfield Failure to Pay Non-traffic $136
Rodney Lancaster Unknown (2) Failure to Pay Non-traffic $239.50
Amanda Lanich Curwensville (3) Summons Undelivered Traffic $315.50
Rhett Lauder Clearfield (2) Failure to Pay Non-traffic $362
Amy J. Maines Philipsburg Failure to Pay Non-traffic $429.50
Duane Maines Woodland (3) Summons Undelivered Traffic  
Tabitha Marlar Clearfield Failure to Pay Non-traffic $236
Jackson C. Martin Clearfield (2) Traffic Failure to Respond  
Philip Martin New Britain, Conn. Summons Undelivered Traffic $119
Gerald E. May Harrisburg Failure to Pay Non-traffic $233
Gerald E. May Harrisburg Failure to Pay Traffic $302.50
Rose E. May Harrisburg Failure to Pay Non-traffic $233
Sheena Myers Irvona Failure to Pay Traffic $203.50
Amanda Novak Randall, Ohio Failure to Pay Traffic $303.50
Matthew Obringer Lake Ariel Failure to Pay Traffic $128.50
Joshua M. Ochenduszko State College Failure to Pay Non-traffic $267.50
Heather L. Ogden   (2) Traffic Failure to Respond $515.50
Donna M. Orcutt Grampian 2 Failure to Respond Traffic  
Thomas Peters Clearfield (4) Failure to Respond Traffic $775.50
William L. Rauch Hyde Failure to Pay Non-traffic $211.50
Cheryl L. Reitz Sykesville Failure to Respond Traffic $135.50
Gerald B. Robison Grampian (2) Summons Undelivered Traffic $134.50
Christy G. Rogus Dekalb, Ill. Failure to Respond Non-traffic  
Bridget F. Sallurday Philipsburg  Failure to Pay Non-traffic $237
Krisa Schake Clearfield (2) Failure to Pay Non-traffic $268.50
William A. Schuster Jr. Meshoppen Failure to Pay Non-traffic $263.50
Matt Scoggins Clearfield (3) Failure to Pay/Respond Traffic $180
Aaron Shaw State College    
Chet R. Shively       
Jennifer Shomo Coalport Failure to Pay Non-traffic $175.31
Karl A. Sill Coalport (3) Non-traffic Failure to Respond  
Melissa Smith Burnside Summons Undelivered Non-traffic  
Michael K. Spicher   (3) Traffic Summons Undelivered $540.50
Stephen W. Strong Jr. Fort Walton Beach, Fla. Failure to Pay Non-traffic $262
Kylie M. Swatsworth Grampian Non-traffic Failure to Respond  
Douglas Twoey Jr. Osceola Mills Failure to Pay Non-traffic $169.50
Dillion J. Uhl Brockway Traffic Failure to Pay  $290.50
Joseph M. Williams II Indiana, Pa. (1) Summons Undelivered Non-traffic; (3) Summons Undelivered Traffic  
William J. Williams  Clearfield Non-traffic Failure to Pay $279.50
Marvin Zgonic Clearfield (4) Failure to Pay Non-traffic $582.50
PA Centre Orchestra Strings to Play at LHU Clearfield
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