LTE: Powell Responds: Not Totally Against Merger But All Questions Must be Answered

Dear Editor:

I’m not totally against this merger but in order for it to be considered, all the necessary facts must be addressed. A new government can’t be brought in and then find out we have excessive costs.

Issues like larger facilities built, buildings and equipment need to be purchased and or leased. We also could be looking at over a million dollars between the cost of new or refurbished buildings and equipment.

I don’t want the taxpayers of Lawrence Township in the position of having to pay unnecessary costs. The people of the area have a hard enough time paying their bills, including taxes and health insurance. I don’t want any of the taxpayers blindsided, so I feel all questions should be considered.

This merger is moving quite fast and should be dealt with accordingly, and time should not be a factor, so that all questions can be addressed appropriately.

This merger is not only going to affect the present, but also the future of our community could be at stake. We are in need of some changes, but I am not sure this is the best answer.

I would hate to see either Lawrence Township or Clearfield Borough become a distressed area, especially to the point where they’re unable to function on their own or recover from such a rushed decision.

We need to remember this decision could also affect our youth, such as the soccer and baseball associations.

I ran for office to serve the people of Lawrence Township and to make necessary changes to make it a great place to live.

For questions and concerns, please attend the upcoming meeting February 7 at 7 p.m. being held at the Florian Social Hall on Mill Road, Clearfield, Pa.


Randy Powell


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