Woman Arrested in “Operation Ice Storm” Pleads Guilty

CLEARFIELD – A Punxsutawney woman arrested during “Operation Ice Storm” pleaded guilty Monday during colloquy court.

Corine Darci Shannon, 36, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance-methamphetamine. President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman sentenced her to six months to two years less one day in jail and three years consecutive probation. 

In two, additional cases she pleaded guilty to felony retail theft. For the first theft, she was sentenced to six months to two years less one day in jail, which will run concurrent to her other sentence and for the second, she received the same sentence but with an additional three years of probation.

The second retail theft involved her wearing a stolen Halloween costume that she tried to return to the store.

Before the judge accepted the plea, there was some discussion regarding the original agreement of a six-month minimum sentence, which was offered by the Attorney General’s office because she was cooperating with authorities on a drug investigation. The standard range minimum for her charge is a 12-month sentence. Ammerman decided to stick with the original plea sentence.

According to the affidavit of probable cause in the drug case, Shannon was allowing Eric McDonald to make methamphetamine at her apartment in exchange for a portion of the drug.

The criminal complaint in the first theft case reveals that on Nov. 16, 2015, Shannon took a $700 demo phone from the Verizon store in DuBois.

Court documents in the second retail theft detail her return to a Halloween store wearing a Harley Quinn costume that she had looked at earlier that same day.

When an employee checked the area where the costume had been located, she found several empty boxes. The employee realized the outfit, including the wig had been stolen when Shannon was in the store the first time.

Shannon said she wanted to exchange the outfit for another, advising the employee that she had purchased the costume earlier. When Shannon set down her bag in the dressing area, several items also sold at the store fell out.

The employee then confronted Shannon asking her to show a receipt. When Shannon was unable to do so, she admitted to stealing several pieces of merchandise.

According to the criminal complaint, Shannon pleaded guilty in three previous retail theft cases.

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