Former Rep. Joe Walsh, a Trump supporter, admonishes FBI director James Comey

As criticism mounts against FBI Director James Comey from Democrats, an unlikely ally and outspoken Donald Trump supporter has joined the chorus.

Former Rep. Joe Walsh accused Comey of trying to “mess with” the election in a series of tweets Sunday night after Comey delivered a letter to Congress on Friday — 11 days ahead of the presidential election — announcing that the FBI had discovered additional emails that might be relevant to the bureau’s investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Walsh, who raised eyebrows last week after he tweeted, “If Trump loses, I’m grabbing my musket,” took issue with the timing of the FBI director’s letter, calling it “wrong” and “really unfair” to Hillary Clinton.

“U may hate me, but I’ll always say what I believe,” Walsh tweeted. “I want Trump to win, but what Comey just did to Hillary Is wrong & really unfair to her.”

The former congressman from Illinois tweeted that while Comey “wrongly let her off in July,” he also “wrongly stuck it to” Clinton last week.

Walsh’s charge comes as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid charged that the FBI director might have violated the Hatch Act — a 1939 law intended to restrict the ability of most federal employees to engage in political campaign activities or to otherwise “use [their] official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the result of an election.”

“Hillary is corrupt as hell, but the FBI Dir has no right to mess with an election,” Walsh tweeted. “He goes public cuz of emails no one has seen? Just wrong.”

Walsh later reaffirmed his support for Trump and tweeted, “Even tho I think Comey is out of line, I still have my Musket. It will be ready November 9th. No matter who wins.”

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