Will Ferrell to campaign for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina

Hillary Clinton will get some help from comedian Will Ferrell on Saturday.

The comedian will campaign for Clinton in Raleigh, Durham and Carrboro, North Carolina, headlining a series of events aimed at exciting young voters about the Democratic nominee.

The “Old School” star will meet with students at the North Carolina State football tailgate in Raleigh in the morning and then visit two campaign offices in the surrounding area later in the day.

This will not be the first time Ferrell will campaign for Clinton.

The actor visited a Las Vegas casino with former President Bill Clinton before the Nevada caucuses in February. The Clinton campaign turned the visit into a video that features the celebrity telling Nevada voters to caucus for Clinton.

Before Ferrell campaigned for Clinton, he was listed as a supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

While Ferrell did not deny that he once supported Sanders, he acknowledged in a February statement that he felt Clinton would win the nomination.

“I am currently endorsing the democratic process which I feel is important to not lose sight of. I feel both candidates have very good ideas on how to run the country and positively influence the lives of Americans. More importantly, whoever the Democratic nominee is, they will have my vote,” Ferrell said in a statement.

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