Don King drops N word while introducing Donald Trump

The controversial boxing promoter Don King used the N-word while introducing Donald Trump during an event Wednesday in a church.

King, who is black, said the word as he talked about black people trying to achieve success by emulating white people, but still remaining “negros.”

After repeatedly saying the word “negro,” King slipped, “If you’re a dancing and sliding and gliding n****r,” King said before correcting himself and again using the word “negro.”

Trump, who said he personally invited King to introduce him, was sitting in a chair onstage just a few feet away from King when he uttered the word.

Taking the stage moments later, Trump called King a “phenomenal persona” and said: “Ah, there’s only one Don King.”

During his speech, King praised Trump as “fearless,” “courageous and brave” and said he believed Trump would “take this system apart” and “create a whole new system.”

‘The system is corrupt, the system is rigged, the system is sexist, the system is racist,” King said, arguing that Trump would bring the country “back to inclusiveness.”

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