Fearsome beauty of ‘Fantasia’: Ancient martial art on horseback

For many people, the word “Fantasia” is likely to evoke images of Disney’s adorable multicolored pegasuses leaping through the air. But across northern Africa, “Fantasia” has an ancient — and fearsome — heritage.

Here, skilled horse riders recreate centuries-old war charges — including galloping at top speed in a line, before a spectacular finale.

Photographer Nadjib Rahmani captured hundreds of riders taking part in this ancient equestrian art at events across Algeria, with his spectacular images exhibited at the Sofitel, Algiers.

“When I see a horse rider at full gallop, brandishing their shotgun, and shooting all at the same time, while sometimes I’m 10 meters away — it is most impressive,” the 38-year-old says.

“I wanted to highlight the discipline, and show the importance of the relationship of men with their horses and the land.”

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