Gabler Supports Immediate, Responsible End to Budget Impasse

HARRISBURG – State Rep. Matt Gabler (R-Clearfield/Elk) has voted with a majority of his colleagues to support House Bill 1460, a $30.2 billion spending proposal that would provide an immediate end to the state budget impasse.

House Bill 1460 includes a $150 million increase for public schools while providing relief to taxpayers by avoiding the massive tax increases proposed by Gov. Tom Wolf.

Gabler released the following statement on the bill, which may now be taken up by the state Senate:

“I am proud to stand with the Commonwealth taxpayers who have spoken loud and clear in their opposition to government growth that reaches further into their wallets.

“This is a responsible budget bill that generously funds our government without the need for massive taxes on the income and purchases of hard-working Pennsylvanians.

“House Bill 1460 provides historic investments in our education system and full and immediate funding for our social services that have been devastated by the governor’s unprecedented full budget veto.

“I look forward to continuing to do the hard work necessary to bring this budget impasse to a conclusion in a manner that will be respectful to our taxpayers and all Pennsylvanians who demand a functional and accountable state government.”

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