Three Philipsburg Students Accused of Conspiring in Bomb Threat to Get Out of School Early

PHILIPSBURG – Three teens have been accused of conspiring to make a bomb threat in order to get dismissed from school early Wednesday at the Philipsburg-Osceola Area High School.

According to the state police at Philipsburg, Accused Females 1 and 3 allegedly entered a second-floor restroom with the intent to write a bomb threat. Upon entering the restroom, they allegedly agreed that Accused Female 1 would write, “I have a bomb,” which she did.

State police said that Accused Female 1 allegedly wrote the bomb threat on the restroom wall with a red marker. She allegedly discarded of the marker by flushing it and then both females returned to their classes.

While Accused Female 2 was in third-period study hall, Accused Female 1 made contact with her via text message to allegedly carry out the plan to get out of school early. Accused Female 2 was allegedly instructed to go to the restroom, take a picture of the threat on the wall and report it to the office.

Accused Female 2 allegedly took a picture of the threat with her cell phone and reported it to school officials. As a result, school officials reported the alleged bomb threat to the state police at Philipsburg, and students were evacuated from the school.

Upon investigation state police allegedly obtained confessions from the three accused Philipsburg teens. Juvenile allegations were completed to charge them with terroristic threats, M1; terroristic threats, F3; conspiracy/terroristic threats, M1; and conspiracy/terroristic threats, F3.

On Friday the three accused females were placed under arrest and transported to the Centre County Juvenile Detention Center. A hearing will be held Monday at the Centre County Courthouse, according to state police.

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  1. Dustin Parks

    This is really becoming ridiculous. This school has seen too many of these incidents over the last few years, and it’s like nothing really happens because it keeps happening over and over. Make a statement by sticking to those charges and show this is no joke.

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