Wolf Vetoes Republican Stopgap

HARRISBURG – Gov. Tom Wolf has vetoed the Republican stopgap budget and called on Republican leadership to get serious about negotiating a final budget that moves the commonwealth forward.

Wolf released the following statement:

“Instead of seriously negotiating a final budget that funds education with a commonsense severance tax, fixes our deficit without gimmicks and provides property tax relief for middle-class families and seniors, Republican leaders passed a stopgap budget that once again sells out the people of Pennsylvania to oil and gas companies and Harrisburg special interests.

“Republican leaders are intent on Harrisburg politics as usual and embracing a failed status quo that is holding Pennsylvania back. Just like their sham budget in June, this stopgap budget makes it clear that Republican leaders not only want to do nothing to move the commonwealth forward, but [also] they are intent on taking us backwards.

“If the Republican budget became law, our deficit would balloon to $3 billion, and instead of restoring education funding, even further cuts would become necessary, and our credit rating would become junk status – that’s unacceptable.

“Throughout negotiations, I have tried hard to compromise, and recently, I offered historic reforms to the liquor and pension systems, two areas Republicans say are priorities, and in return, I have received nothing on education, a severance tax or fixing the deficit.

“Despite the political posturing and blatant obstruction by Republican leaders, I know there are rank and file Republican legislators who understand the importance of investing in education and there are rank and file Republican legislators who support a commonsense severance tax. Now is the time to come together to accomplish that goal – Pennsylvania cannot wait any longer.

“At every turn, Republican leaders have prevented serious negotiations because they are unwilling to take on oil and gas companies and Harrisburg special interests to make the long-term investments in education and the changes needed to help Pennsylvania families.”

For a copy of Wolf’s veto message, click here.

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5 thoughts on “Wolf Vetoes Republican Stopgap

  1. Mr_Obvious

    The current structure of sales tax, gives relief in areas that benefit those with low or fixed incomes.

    Expanding the scope of taxation of services like nursing homes, daycare’s, ambulance service will just increase the tax burden on those folks.

    The other troubling issue with the change is that the supposed relief from property taxes by shifting that tax to income and sales taxes is that it redirects the authority of the proceeds of those taxes from local to Harrisburg.

    We have no guarantee that the switch will be beneficial to us locally.

    I am more in favor of sales tax increases than income tax increases. After all criminals still purchase taxable items, however the income derived from criminal activity is never reported, and therefore not taxed.

    In short I may sound like I am contradicting myself, but where I rest on this subject is cut property tax, and replace with increase in sales tax that gets earmarked to return to where it was collected.

  2. charlie61451

    Before you start pointing the finger of blame and speaking of bullying, whining and misrepresentation, it would be beneficial for you to examine Wolf’s tactics. Not only does he want to increase both the income tax and sales tax in the state, he wants to place a sales tax on 31 different items not currently taxed in the Commonwealth. Are you prepared for sales tax on a bill for ambulance service to take a family member to the hospital? How about sales tax on a haircut? Or maybe sales tax on the monthly bill from the nursing home that takes care of grandma? The best one, though, is a sales tax on grandma’s funeral after she passes away. Republicans are fighting to keep taxes like these and over 25 others from being enacted that would cripple our economy. I haven’t even mentioned his extraction tax that he wants on the natural gas industry, when there is already a tax on every well in the state; it’s called an impact fee, and that money comes back to the municipalities where the wells are located for those municipalities to use as they see fit for things like road repair or equipment needed to do those repairs, or for whatever is need to provide for the citizens of that particular area. An extraction tax would amount to double taxation, and would bring the best thing that’s happened to our state in the last 100 years to a screeching halt, and put thousands of people out of work. If that’s what you want, keep supporting the guy you claim is being bullied; but I won’t.

    • Qualia

      it is questionable if fracking is good for the state in the long run, I see it as another environmental burden the taxpayer will eventually pay for, I see no mention of schools and increasing funding for one of the most important resources this state has, since moving from another state my taxes at the state level are lower, I see no problem with increasing tax in some areas, the cost of a civilized society is taxes. you claim these additional taxes would cripple the economy, that’s an opinion I don’t agree with.

  3. Qualia

    Good for him, if the republicans would stop playing their passive aggressive games and get serious a resolution could be reached. The usual Republican strategy is being used here, don’t negotiate, get our way by bullying, whining and misrepresentation.

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