LT Supers Hire Seasonal Road Workers

CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors approved the hire of two full-time seasonal workers for the township’s road crew at last night’s meeting.

Chairman William Lawhead reported that more than 10 applications were received and reviewed after the positions were advertised and five were selected for interview. Of those, Lawhead said, the supervisors selected George Jacobson of Glen Richey and James Hardy of Clearfield for hire.

The supervisors approved the hire of both to begin June 1 with pay rate of $13.73 per hour with no benefits. The last day of employment for the seasonal workers will be Sept. 25.

Code Enforcement Officer Debra Finkbeiner reported she discovered several building permit violations during recent property inspections. She said she found 15 to 20 new swimming pools installed in the township with no building permits.

Finkbeiner explained that building permits for pools are to ensure that they are placed properly and safely, such as not placed near electrical lines.

Solicitor James Naddeo added that insurance carriers often require proof of building permits for insurance coverage, and installation of pools without permits may void insurance coverage.

Finkbeiner also reported several incidents of residents burning in burning barrels, and in one case the adjoining property was caught on fire. She said she has also had a high volume of complaints regarding burning of garbage.

Finkbeiner reminds residents that backyard burning should only be with clean wood for small fires for cooking or social gatherings and should not be used to burn paper or garbage.

She said she has been lenient on enforcing the burning ordinance because of the recent approval of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Ordinance, or Code Ticketing Ordinance. However, she said, she will start fining violators.

Roadmaster Ron Woodling reported the new Volvo grader purchased for $57,000 from David G. Casper Inc. has been received.

Woodling said most cold patch road repairs have been done, and pre-work for upcoming paving projects continues, but he has not received a paving schedule yet from HRI Inc.

Supervisor Ed Brown advised that Woodling contact the contractor to get a tentative paving schedule and start date.

The supervisors approved the Clearfield Revitalization Tax Assistance application for JBL Holdings for renovations at the Travelodge Hotel.

The supervisors approved to name a road off of River Road that is a railroad access road as well as a private property access road for 911 addressing. The name of the road will be Hand Lane.

The supervisors adjourned to executive session to discuss possible litigation. No action followed the executive session.

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