Vine is hiring an office dog

Help wanted! Vine is hiring an office dog — and humans need not apply.

The video app is “seeking a dog to join our growing team of humans” in its New York office.

Applicants must have a “computer science degree from an Ivy League school…[with] boundless enthusiasm for staring into the distance at absolutely nothing whatsoever,” according to a listing posted on Vine’s website.

Job responsibilities include welcoming employees when they arrive, keep staffers from working too hard, and train other dogs in the area. Plus he or she must “smell OK.” Desired traits include a dog that doesn’t chew on cables or pee on rugs, and looks into the camera on command. After all, the final dog hired must be “Vineable,” or cute enough for video clips.

Although the listing doesn’t specify a salary, Vine spokesperson Carolyn Penner said that to find an “awesome dog that fulfills the responsibilities, qualifications and desired traits listed in the job posting, we are willing to pay up to six treats per day, with an annual bonus of one rawhide bone.”

Vine is a video app platform that allows users to share and post 6-second video clips, and is owned by Twitter

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