LT Supers Approve Zoning Ordinance Changes

CLEARFIELD – At Tuesday night’s meeting, the Lawrence Township Supervisors approved several amendments to Township Zoning Ordinance No. 125 dated April 19, 1993.

Under section 125-14, the supervisors approved to add the Conditional Use of timbering to all zoning districts.

In addition, the supervisors approved to add to the list of Conditional Uses for Residential Urban Districts to include convenience stores, churches and limited commercial uses, and also removed churches from this district’s list of Special Exceptions.

The supervisors approved to add churches and day cares to the list of Conditional Uses for Residential Suburban Districts but did not include two-family dwellings for this district.

The supervisors removed item No. 4 of the proposed amendments, which would have permitted multi-family dwellings in Rural Agricultural Districts.

The supervisors approved to add winery as a conditional use for Commercial Highway Districts, and added conversion apartments, defined as “a studio apartment with a wall – or space for a wall – dividing the bed from the rest of the living space” as a special exception for this district.

Under Section 125-15 of the Zoning Ordinance regarding lot, yard and height requirements, the supervisors approved changes to Table 2 for all multi-family designations, specifying the minimum lot area to be one acre, and the maximum lot coverage to be 35 per cent.

They also approved to add footnote No. 5 for Table 2, Column heading “Maximum Height of Structure (feet),” stating that height does not include service equipment.

Under Section 125-10, Zoning Districts, the supervisors approved to add an 11th District designation, Industrial Limited Special (I-LS) for industrial parks, light manufacturing, research and testing centers, distribution services and related activities.

Items 15 through 18 of the proposed amendments referred to zoning map changes. The supervisors approved Item 15 of the amendment, changing several properties zoned as “Village District” to “Commercial Highway District.”

Item 16 was approved, changing over 40 properties from “Industrial Limited” designation to the new “Industrial Limited Special” designation.

Item 17, which proposed changes of many properties designated as “Residential Suburban” to “Residential Urban” was eliminated by the supervisors.

Item 18 was approved changing three properties currently zoned “Industrial” to “Residential Urban.”

The supervisors approved to advertise the amendments to Zoning Ordinance No. 125 before the ordinance is finally adopted.

The supervisors also approved to advertise the proposed paving projects for bid, pending review of  the supervisors when the final list is presented by Roadmaster Ron Woodling.

The township received information from Clearfield Borough regarding the grant-funded study to explore the possible merger and home-rule charter of the Borough and Lawrence Township. The supervisors approved the joint committee list for the study, and agreed to appoint PA Economy League to conduct the study.


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