Twitpic Will Shutter, Twitter Demanded to cut-off foe’s API

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Twitpic, an image-sharing site that has been running for six years now, will no longer be accessible before the month ends.

Twitter has waged a dispute war with regard to the platform. Twitpic is a website allowing users to post photos to Twitter. However, since Twitter already added uploading tools on their platform, Twitpic basically serves the same services that Twitter offers.

A statement from the founder, Noah Everett, has been released. In his blog post, he wrote that Twitter has contacted their legal office demanding Twitpic abandon its trademark application.

Everett said that this was a shock because Twitpic has been around since 2008. Twitter was founded two years earlier.

Everett continued to contest that their trademark application has been up since 2009 noting that it has been approved by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Everett confirmed that it started a few weeks ago and as they hoped Twitter would drop the case, it became clearer to them that the other company would not.

Reports say that Twitter has threatened to cut off the API of Twitpic causing the latter to quit. The API is said to be the sole source of content of the platform.

Everett will be taking down the site since fighting against a much-larger company would suck his finances dry. He noted that they do not have the resources to protect their trademark.

The founder of Twitpic thanked those who let their platform be part of their lives. He ended his blog saying that he will miss and cherish the days that Twitpic was up and running.

The last day of the platform will be on September 25, 2014 and users will be able to download all the shared media from the site.

Twitter did not respond to Twitpic opting to shutter.

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