Latin American Lead of Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Dies

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Buenos Aires, Argentina (4E) – Latin American singer Gustavo Cerati was pronounced dead on Thursday. The singer was 55 years old.

In a statement released, Cerati died of cardio-respiratory failure while admitted at the ACLA medical center. The singer has been in the center for four years now as he was in a coma since 2010.

A spokesman from the center said that Gustave passed away on Thursday morning. The singer who was admitted there due to a stroke from his last show in Caracas, Venezuela, has been stable all throughout the years.

Cerati was the frontman of the famous band called Soda Stereo. The band won four Latin Grammys back in 2006. He was best known for being one of the most influential LatAm pop stars who made LatAm rock famous.

His family also released a statement regarding his death and they said there will be a public viewing of his cadaver at the Buenos Aires Legislature.

The singer’s death has been trending on Twitter overnight. Other musicians such as Ricky Martin and Shakira expressed their condolences with regard to the singer’s death.

The Argentine President, Cristina Kirchner, also posted a message to Cerati and his family. She has uploaded a video of one of the performance of Cerati with another rock legend Luis Alberto Spinetta who also died two years earlier. The caption wrote: “Cerati and ‘Flaco’ Spinetta, popular idols for several generations of Argentines”.

Soda Stereo boomed during the 80s but disbanded in 1997. This is the only Argentine pop band that became famous all over Latin American Countries for more than a decade. After the band separated, Cerati still ventured into being a musician as a solo artist. He was able to produce lots of albums where four of them became big hits.

Cerati’s songs were about inner turmoil and seduction that attracted youth as his major fans.

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