Albino Cobra Captured in California after being on the loose Monday

Katherine De Guzman – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Thousand Oaks, CA, United States (4E) – A deadly albino cobra that has been loose since Monday in Thousand Oaks was captured. The snake was taken on Thursday.

The animal control officers happily reported that no one was bitten by the snake.

The deadly albino was reportedly found at a Southern California neighborhood at 3 P.M., says Los Angeles County spokesman Brandon Dowling.

The capture of the albino cobra has been televised and it showed that the officers used a long-handled tong-like stick which they used to grab hold of the snake.

The snake was found on a pile of scrap lumber in a backyard. They then had a long wooden box ready where they placed the snake then took it to an animal shelter.

The albino cobra is said to have a neurotoxin that can kill a victim in just an hour. The captured albino still had its venom glands which made the authorities safely say that no one has been bitten yet.

The officers looked through bushes and woodpiles. The officers searched early in the morning and in the evening because the snake was likely more active during at those times.

The reptile was reported to be a few meters long and was on the loose since Monday evening. The officers got a report saying that a dog in the neighborhood has been bitten. The dog was instantly taken to a veterinarian. The vet said that the injury of the dog was not from a snake bite but it might be from trying to escape the deadly cobra.

Witnesses say that the snake was slithering in Rancho Lane on Monday was spotted again on Thursday.

However, the residents were not panicked at all since their area was a home to many snakes.

The authorities will be looking for the owner of the captured cobra.

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