Drug Suspect Waives Hearing

CLEARFIELD – A man accused of selling heroin waived his right to a preliminary hearing during Centralized Court on Wednesday at the Clearfield County Jail.

Harry Victor Nelson III, 37, of Altoona has been charged with manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver; criminal use of a communication facility; intentional possession of a controlled substance by a person not registered; and use/possession of drug paraphernalia. His bail is currently set at $50,000 monetary.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, on April 24, a confidential informant notified police about having recent contact with Nelson. The informant also told police that Nelson was selling heroin for $170 per bundle.

The CI and police traveled to the Peebles parking lot in Philipsburg. Nelson had told the CI to meet him there via cellular phone contact. When Nelson didn’t show up, the CI contacted him via cellular phone; Nelson then told the CI to meet him at the nearby CVS Pharmacy parking lot.

Nelson pulled in and parked off to the right of the vehicle occupied by the CI and police. The CI indicated to police that it was Nelson and exited their vehicle. The CI and Nelson talked and then exchanged the money and drugs.

During the exchange, police overheard Nelson tell the CI to let him know how it was and he’d have that “hard” in a few days. The CI re-entered the vehicle and placed the suspected heroin on the arm rest next to police.

When they were leaving the CVS Pharmacy parking lot, police observed Nelson’s vehicle registration. The vehicle, according to police, was registered to Nelson.

The CI was aware police had observed the exchange and asked if they heard Nelson talking about “hard,” or meth. Police told the CI that they had overheard that part of the conversation. Later, the CI received a call from Nelson, who said he’d sell a bundle of heroin for $160 next time.

Police secured the suspected heroin as evidence and noted it was packaged in 10 plain, wax bags with an orange rubber band around the bundle. Police indicated the substance contained in the packages tested positive for the presence of heroin.

The suspected heroin was sent to the state police’s laboratory in Greensburg for further analysis.

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