Ciara and Future Back Together Despite Cheating Scandal

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Ciara and ex- fiancé Future are back together and have rekindled their romantic relationship after the alleged cheating scandal of Future.

Ciara was then devastated upon knowing that her fiancé cheated on her while he was on tour and while Ciara was pregnant with their first child. Future is said to have a long-running affair with his wardrobe consultant, Tyrina Lee.

However, just after weeks of Ciara calling it quits, they are reportedly living under the same roof again.

People close to both Future and Ciara thought that they would never get back together, but Ciara reportedly said in a statement that she feels intensely that her son needs his father 24/7.

Sources also reveal that both Ciara and Future are working on their differences and would like to try it again for the betterment of their four-month-old son. Their son’s names is Future Zahir.

28-year-old Ciara also reportedly said that she has faith in her belief that Future needs to be a permanent fixture in their home.

According to another source, this time from the side of Future, Ciara was not in any way interested in a “shared parenting” situation. The source added that Ciara believes Future is a good father and it would be best for their son if his dad would be around him.

Sources revealed that Ciara knew about the alleged cheating via multiple sources and when she confronted Future, it was clear that the cheating was not just a one-time situation.

A source also revealed that due to Future’s cheating Ciara became so devastated that she just wanted to focus on what’s best for her son. She also reportedly seek for sole custody of their son.

Ciara has recently been posting photos of her son in her Instagram account before the news about her and Future getting back together started circulating.

Future Zahir was born on May 19 seven months after she and Future got engaged on October 2013.

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