“Celebrity Big Brother” star Lauren Goodger reveals she was offered £40k for sex with Dubai millionaire

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London, United Kingdom (4E) – “Celebrity Big Brother” star Lauren Goodger shared to the world that a millionaire man from Dubai offered to pay her £40,000 for one night of sex.

” ‘A guy in Dubai said, “I will pay you 40 grand for one night, but you cannot tell anyone.” ‘, ” revealed the English TV personality while chatting with her housemates on the reality series

The sexual proposition from the millionaire, according to Goodger, came soon after her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Jake McLean leaked online.

The six-second video of Goodger performing a sexual act to McLean so mortified her that she escaped to Dubai.

“It is mortifying and humiliating. I’ve got no control over the situation I am in. I feel powerless,” she told The Sun.

“My private life has been invaded in the most horrible way. I can even see how some girls would feel suicidal, and not be able to cope in this situation,” Goodger added.

But her desire to escape the horror and humiliation of the leaked video by flying to Dubai failed—when she was offered by a local millionaire the staggering amount for sex.

George Gilbey responded to Goodger’s revelation with a joke that she should have accepted the indecent proposal, to which the 27-year-old Goodger responded that she turned down the offer, but added: “My mum went on the phone pretending to be my agent!”

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