A Valley Metro Bus Gets Stuck in a Sinkhole in Arizona

Katherine De Guzman – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Tempe, AZ, United States (4E) – On Wednesday, a valley metro bus got stuck in a sinkhole in Tempe, Arizona. Authorities report that the water main broke causing the area to be flooded that might have had a hand on the bus getting stuck.

Police released in a statement that their officers and some firefighters who were called in the area helped the passengers of the bus to get out from the stuck vehicle. The passengers and the driver were obligated to vacate the vehicle. The passengers and the driver had to pass through the windows of the bust.

All the 11 passengers including the driver were out of the vehicle safely.

Police reports claim that the back right side of the city bus first fell into the sinkhole. This incident happened at around ten in the morning.

The bus was not removed from the sinkhole immediately. At first, there were two tow trucks used to pull the bus out. However, the two trucks could not hoist it up since it was too heavy.

At around five in the afternoon, the bus was then successfully pulled out by a crane.

Meanwhile, the flow of water has been stopped almost after two hours that the officers worked on the situation. All the valves in the areas including those in Apache Boulevard and McClintock Drive had to be turned off.

Nobody has been injured but businesses were flooded due to the non-stop flow of the water from the broken water main.

Residents in the area reported that the flood caused damage in their homes. A motel operator even said that their guests had to leave the first floor because water seeped in the base of the building.

Authorities are still investigating about what caused the breakage of the water main. Police initially thought that it was due to the longevity of the infrastructure.

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