Prepare Yourselves, Camel Crickets May Invade U.S. Homes

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Raleigh, NC, United States (4E) – You won’t be soothed by the noise that crickets make because sooner or later, it will soon be invading homes but they do have an important role.

On Tuesday, a citizen science project revealed that Camel Crickets might soon outnumber the population of human beings in the United States.

These insects will soon be invading your homes and they will be multiplying on your basement or garage.

The invasive insects were found to be originally from Asia but are now growing more and more common in American homes.

Normal crickets people occasionally find in their backyards will soon be driven away by this species.

This species of crickets are known as “sprickets” was described to have arched backs and long rear legs. They are also called “spider crickets”.

The sprickets were first found in American homes during the 19th century. These insects are far different from the Native American crickets and were thought to be inside greenhouses only. However, the research done proves that it is much slender and that it lives outside greenhouses.

The researchers came up with the conclusion that these camel crickets’ main use would be they love to eat anything and they will be your personal cleaners. These crickets are said to eat the dead stuff accumulating in basements and garages as well as dead ants, human feces, and fallen fruits.

Holly Menninger, the director of public science in ‘Your Wild Life’ lab as well as the co-author of the study, gathered photos as well as physical specimens of the species together with her team. The research’s aim was to know how common all species of the Camel crickets are there in a sample population of homes in the United States.

The research concludes that there was a rapid rise of the species because only after two days, there have been 50 individual crickets caught in just one backyard located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Due to this, the study leader, Mary Jane Epps, said that it was possible that these camel crickets have been scaring the native crickets away from their homes. They said they are to further study the effects of the Camel crickets in the local ecosystem.

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