NFL gives Cowboys’ Josh Brent conditions for return

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Irvington, TX, United States (4E Sports) – The Dallas Cowboys’ Josh Brent must comply with a series of conditions to be eligible to play when the team returns from their bye week in November.

Activated by the Cowboys from the retired list, Brent must serve a 10-game suspension handed down from the NFL and his return is conditional on staying out of legal trouble.

He must also avoid exhibiting any prohibited alcohol-related conduct that will likely result in an immediate suspension and potential banishment from the NFL.

The NFL also requires an additional report and recommendation from the league’s substance abuse program advisors before full reinstatement to return to play following Week 10.

Brent also must fully comply with any evaluation, treatment or counseling required by medical or other professionals assigned to him and with the requirements set forth by courts regarding his probation, testing and monitoring.

Agent Peter Schaffer said they would appeal the decision.

He pointed out that Brent voluntarily retired instead of forcing the NFL to go through a tremendous amount of scrutiny for allowing him to play pending trial or for attempting to suspend him before he had been proven guilty.

“Where’s the incentive for someone to do that in the future?” asked Schaffer.

On Dec. 7, 2012, Brent was involved in a car accident that killed best friend and teammate Jerry Brown in Irving, Texas. Brent was convicted of intoxication manslaughter and sentenced to six months in jail. 

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