LT Supers Consider Zoning Change Request

CLEARFIELD – Cliff Reed of Hydrospray Wash Systems Inc., Clearfield, with his attorney Dwight “Skip” Koerber Jr., presented a request for a change of zoning for a segment along the Rockton Mountain Highway that’s currently zoned “village.”

Reed said he’d spoken with seven, area business owners who are in favor of the zoning change. His interest, he explained, is to expand his business on property at this location he’s interested in purchasing, with plans for a 12,000-square foot building that’d include a warehouse, light manufacturing and service facility with offices and storefront.

Koerber stressed the economic attractiveness of the area and said it wasn’t necessary to tackle this request with the other re-zoning issues in the township. Several residents spoke in favor of the zoning change.

Township Solicitor James Naddeo explained the options for the steps in pursuing the zoning change. He noted the township is considering some proposed changes township-wide, as part of its comprehensive plan, and that this change could be included with the current process.

The other option, he said, is for Reed to submit a petition for the change to the zoning board for separate review and possible approval. The process would still require the usual advertising and public hearing before any change could be approved, Naddeo added, but would be faster than the comprehensive plan changes.

Reed said sooner would be better, and he’ll continue to get signatures on his petition. Kroeber said they’re prepared to file the petition as soon as signatures are acquired, so they can move forward with the project.

Naddeo reported his findings on a program through the state that provides funding for blighted properties, noting that, in order to qualify, the township must first have ordinances in place to address blighted properties, which it doesn’t. Second, Naddeo added, the township has to have control of the property, through a deed or agreement with the landowner. Third, the funding requires a 50 percent match; and finally, the property must be dedicated to low-cost housing, he said.

This information was to address the request from David McBride at last month’s meeting for help regarding an abandoned property on Deacon Road.

Township Secretary/Treasurer Barb Shaffner said she found it’s possible to use CDBG funds for demolition of the building at the site, which would make the property more desirable for purchase at tax sale. The supervisors agreed to pursue this possibility.

Chairman Bill Lawhead reported researching a state grant that’s available for a feasibility study to explore a possible merger between the township and Clearfield Borough. He said the cost of the study would be around $100,000. The grant would fund 75 percent of the study, he added, and the township and borough could share the $25,000 balance. Lawhead said he’ll contact Borough Operations Manager Leslie Stott to see if the borough would be interested in pursuing the study and sharing the cost.

In other business, supervisors approved:

  • To have Shaffner determine lowest cost and have street line painting done for the Bud George Road, at the Industrial Park in preparation for the upcoming open house for the new PennDOT building.
  • To check into the possible purchase of a new tractor to replace the current 13-year-old boom-mower tractor that needs repairs, with funds from the permit fees account.
  • To have Naddeo draw up a resolution restricting the hire of sitting township supervisors for a township manager position.
  • To pay Greenland Construction for pay estimate No. 1 on the Mill Road Project for $33,479.82.
  • To pay Diehl Contracting for Pay Estimate No. 3 on the Sanitary Sewer Phase III project for $149,909.24.
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