Justin Bieber Gets Arrested and Faces New Charges in Ontario

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Ontario, Canada (4E) – What started as a vacation ended tragically for Justin Bieber. The 20-year old singer was arrested and charged with dangerous driving and assault on Monday.

He reportedly crashed his all-terrain vehicle (ATV) into a minivan. Reports say that Bieber and the owner of the minivan also got in an altercation as they talked about the collision.

Sources say that Bieber was not arrested in his home as he turned his self in the police station. He was however released after a few hours because he promised to work with the police officials investigating the case.

The incident allegedly happened hear his hometown and rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez was in tow. Gomez was seen with Bieber arriving at the local airport of Ontario days before the incident happened.

Also, hours before the collision, Gomez and Biber were photographed riding the ATV together. Gomez was the one driving the ATV but Bieber was the one in-charge when the accident happened.

Bieber’s lawyer has released a statement with regard to what happened. Brian Greenspan said that Bieber and Gomez only wanted to spend some quite time in Ontario for a couple of days but the vacation ended up with an unfortunate event.

Bieber and Gomez were spotted together with some other friends since last week in the area.

Greenspan added that their peaceful vacation has been disrupted by the paparazzi. He noted that because of the paparazzi, the accident happened. He also said that Bieber and Gomez are actively participating in the investigation and they hope that the case will be settled soon.

Bieber is set to be back in court but it was allowed that he will be represented by his lawyer. However, he has to be in court if and when the case advances to a trial.

No one was hurt in the collision as well as in the reported confrontation between Bieber and the owner of the minivan.

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