Humanoid Dancing Robots a.k.a Pepper will be on sale next summer

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Tokyo, TY, Japan (4E) – A dancing robot which will be on sale is the best news you are to hear for the whole week!

Masayoshi Son has just announced that his humanoid dancing robots called Pepper will soon be available in Sprint stores all over the United States. So how much are they selling it for? The robot costs €1,200 or US$1,900.

Son said that he wanted to share his creation because it is SoftBank’s goal to take the technology they have created beyond the factory’s floors.

According to reports, the company has already received over 300 inquiries with regard to Pepper being sold. The inquiries surprisingly do not just come from families, it also comes customers including, finance, food services and even education.

The robot was first introduced last June and was initially for families and the elderly only. However, businesses have taken interest in the breakthrough as well.

Pepper is a 4-foot-tall creation that makes jokes, dances, and can even understand human emotions as it has lasers to scan the expressions it sees. Pepper also has a 12-hour battery life.

Son’s inspiration for making the robot was the hit series back in the 1960s called “Astro Boy”. It was about a robot who could not express its emotions.

Son has noted that he is aiming to create a society where humans and intelligent robots coexist. He also said that he and his company are aiming to replace 90 million jobs with over 30 million robots. He noted that production will drastically improve.

Pepper will be on sale by February 2015 but the price is not yet settled. The U.S. companies which will be taking part in selling the item is yet to discuss how much it would cost in the country.

SoftBank is reported to be investigating more about robotics. Japan aims to double the value of their domestic production as they expect 2.41 trillion Yen by the year 2020.

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