Fox Home Entertainment apologizes for poor timing of ‘Headless Day’ Promotion

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New York, NY, United States (4E) – Fox Home Entertainment and a PR firm have issued apologies for launching a media campaign to promote the “Sleepy Hollow Headless Day” home video using the hashtag “HEADLESSDAY,” on September 2, the same day that news broke out on the beheading of the second U.S. journalist, Steven Sotloff by the militant group ISIS.

.Their campaign read: “Heads will roll as sleepyheads celebrate Headless Day today… We hope you like them and are able to share them with your readers! If you share via your social media platforms, please tag them with #HeadlessDay!”

Fox Home Entertainment issued an apology, “…We regret the unfortunate timing of our announcement and our deepest sympathies go out to the families of all involved.”

While the PR firm, ThinkJam who is behind the campaign, issued the following statement: “We apologize for the unfortunate timing of our Sleepy Hollow Headless Day announcement. The tragic news of Steven Sotloff’s death hit the web as the email was being sent. Our deepest sympathies are with him and his family, and we don’t take the news lightly. Had we have known this information prior, we would have never released the alert and realize it’s in poor taste.”

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