Passenger furious over reclining seat forces Delta flight to land

Windsor Genova – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Boston, MA, United States (4E) – A Delta flight en route from Palm Beach to New York City was forced to land in Jacksonville, FL Monday night after a passenger became angry over a reclining seat and demanded to get off.

The pilot of Flight 2370 decided to divert to and land in Jacksonville around 9:30 p.m. as a precaution as Amy Fine, 32, of Boca Raton, argued with the passenger in front of her for reclining the seat and with the flight attendants who tried to calm her down.

Fine was resting hear head on the tray table when an older passenger in front of her reclined her seat hitting her in the head. Fine fumed and demanded to get off immediately.

Police met fine at the Jacksonville airport and removed her from the plane. She declined to air her side to reporters.

The flight resumed its trip arriving in West Palm Beach around 11 p.m., 90 minutes late.

The incident was the third emergency landing by a commercial plane due to a passenger angry over a reclining seat. Last week, an American Airlines flight from Miami to Paris diverted to Boston after a French passenger became upset when a woman passenger in front of him reclined her seat.

The Frenchman, Edmund Alexandre, 60, argued with a crewman who tried to calm him down and followed him down the aisle. Two undercover federal air marshals on the flight subdued Alexandre and handcuffed him. The plane landed in Boston’s Logan Airport around 10 p.m. and police arrested Alexandre and charged him with interfering with a flight crew.

On Aug. 24, a United Airlines flight from Newark to Denver was diverted to Chicago after two passengers fought over the use of a device that prevents a plane seat from reclining.

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