Nashville police recapture 22 teens who escaped DCS dorm, 8 remain at large

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Nashville, TN, United States (4E) – Nashville police and Tennessee Highway Patrol officers have recaptured 22 of 30 teen felons who escaped from a Department of Children’s Services (DCS) detention facility in Bordeaux on Monday night.

Officers with K-9s and a helicopter were searching for eight escapees in various neighborhoods around the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center on Stewarts Lane in northwest Nashville as of Tuesday noon.

Thirty DCS detainees with at least three felonies left their rooms around 11 p.m. Monday and overwhelmed 16 to 18 staffs of the center, DCS spokesman Rob Johnson said. They broke a metal panel under a window to get out of the building and lifted part of a perimeter fence in the yard to escape the dorm. No DCS staff were hurt during the escape, Johnson said.

Two escapees were recaptured immediately while 20 were found or turned in by their family by 9 a.m. Tuesday. The DCS called the police 90 minutes after the escape, Johnson said.

The 22 recaptured detainees are being held at the Metro Nashville Juvenile Court pending filing of escape charges against them.

Metro police asked the public to call 615-862-8600 if they see the teenagers wearing a uniform of dark blue pants, gray or white shirts and black shoes. They are referring to still at-large Andre Davis, 18; De’Mario Fisher, 17; Jaron Carrethurs, 17; Jasper Potter-Monroe, 17; Jerry Reason, 18; Kuyvonta Cain, 17; Omar Manzanarez, 17; and Tajhiee Cockerham, 17.

It was the second escape attempt by detainees at the center. In May, six teens escaped through a window but only went as far as the yard before being recaptured. In 2004, 19 detainees rioted and took over a front courtyard of the dorm before being recaptured one by one. The riot hurt 20 staffs of the dorm.

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