Myanmar Launches E-Visa in hopes of Raising Number of Tourists to 5 Million by 2015

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Yangon, MM, Myanmar (4E) – U Khin Yi, the Minister of Immigration and Population of Myanmar, has launched the online electronic E-Visa system on Monday in order to end long queues that tourists line up for whenever they want to visit the country.

The opening ceremony’s venue was in Yangon. Khin Yi noted that the project’s goal was to reach more than 5 million Tourists annually visiting the country by 2015. Khin Yi added that the launching of the E-visa marks a very great moment for their country. The nation wants to make the processes easier in order to lure more tourists and generate a more stable economic status.

Myanmar was once a country controlled by the military forces which was called the “junta ruling”. Due to the two-decade ruling of the military, their economy was stifled. The military government was ended on 2011 and was replaced with a government headed by civilians.

The junta ruling kept tourists away and frightened because of the regime and international sanctions imposed by them. Now that the country is no longer under control by military forces, tourists are starting to explore its culture and its places that were kept hidden for more than two decades.

Also, the country was not geared towards technological breakthroughs. However, the creation of the E-Visa signifies the changes that the country wants to achieve. Reports say that there were over two million tourists last year in Myanmar.

The E-Visa was said to be open to forty-one countries including Singapore, North Korea, Japan, China, Britain and United States. Khin Yi noted that there are still things to improve with regard to the process but as soon as these are completed, they will be adding more countries to their list.

There will be an entry permit for the tourists to pay and it costs $50. This will be valid for 28 days upon entry at the international airport. The E-Visa will be processed in five days only.

Tourists who want to avail of the e-visa are required to log-in at the website

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