Man Who Inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Embarks on New Journey: Fatherhood

Katherine De Guzman – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Beverly, MA, United States (4E) – Pete Fartes is the man who started it all. He was the first ever who launched the ice bucket challenge as he called on a couple of his friends to douse themselves with ice water. Now, he and his wife, Julie, have announced that they are the parents of a healthy baby girl.

The 29-year-old took it to Facebook as they happily announced that the name of their baby is Lucy. Lucy was born on Sunday morning.

Pete was once the coach of athletes at the University of Boston. However, he was diagnosed with the disease on 2012. Ever since, he devoted his time and life in making more people aware of the disease. The ALS foundations would like to look for the cure of the said disease thus the fundraising activity.

The man behind the viral challenge now has definitely succeeded on his goal. There have been thousands of people taking on the challenge and have donated for the cause. Even A-list celebrities videoed themselves just so they can help in finding a cure for the disease.

Pete lost control over his arms and legs’ mobility and due to this, he has become paralyzed. However, with the help of an eye-scanner, he was able to write a column wherein he had a very heartfelt message to his wife and his daughter. The column was published in the ‘Bleacher Report’.

Pete wrote that what kept his engines going at full strength was the excitement of knowing that he will be taking care of his baby son. He said that the thought of seeing the face of his first child is something he cherishes very much.

He wrote that the excitement of having a baby keeps his. He noted that just by the thought of seeing the face of their first child is something he cherishes beyond words.

He added that even if he won’t be able to say “I love you” to his daughter using his own voice, he will still let his daughter feel the love in any way he can. He ended his column writing that he is not sure of how many years will it take for him to live on Earth but he will keep fighting just to be there for his wife and daughter.

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