Kim Kardashian reportedly asked the producers of the VMAs to keep Rita Ora away from her

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – There’s more drama in the VMAs than we know and it has surfaced just today. Apparently, Kim Kardashian wanted another star kept away from her aside from Beyonce. Reports claim that Kim K asked the producers of the VMAs to not sit with anywhere near Rita Ora.

The reality star was said to be just three seats away from Rita Ora and she did not like that at all. She arrived in the event minutes before Rita when she found out about the situation. Witnesses claim that she did not want to have any awkward run-ins with people she does not like.

Sources say that Kim and her family still feel that Rita has something to do with how their brother, Rob, is doing now. Kim allegedly said that Rita “screwed” with their brother’s head.

Kim K reportedly did not want to be “social” and wanted to avoid the drama with Rita so she requested to have her seat changed. Producers then made an effort to look for the perfect spot so she won’t run into Rita or Beyonce. They then let her sit beside her sisters Kendall and Kylie.

Sources revealed that Kim was not at all a “diva” about the situation but she just really wanted to avoid any mishap at all costs.

Rita and Rob dated back in 2012 but their relationship did not end well.

Kim was once interviewed by Andy Cohen in the show “Watch What Happens Live” and she was asked upfront who she wanted as a sister-in-law.

Kim answered that she would choose Adrienne Bailon, another ex of Rob, over Rita. She noted that Adrienne has been with them for a long time already and that she praised her for being a sweet firl. She added that Adrienne both had good intentions as well as a good heart.

Rita was asked about her comments about the Kardashians as she guested in the radio show known as “The Breakfast Club”. She said she does not have anything to say about it because it was just a “moment” in her life. The 23-year-old singer added that people move onwards and upwards just like her life now.

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