Beyoncé and Jay Z Seen PDAing during Made in America Festival 2014

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (4E) – The power couple seems to be having a grand time despite ‘divorce’ rumors consistently being brought up by the media and the paparazzi. The two were spotted getting all flirty and touchy during the 2014 Made in America Festival in Los Angeles.

Beyonce and Jay Z were seen PDAing throughout the night during the concert founded by Jay over the Labor Day Weekend. The married couple was seen hugging, kissing and flirting the whole night at the backstage.

The couple was at the Roc Nation VIP section as Jay wrapped his arms around Beyonce’s small waist. Witnesses reveal that the sweetness was overflowing as the night neared to a close.

Bey and Jay were also seen slow dancing while they were listening to the different performances. Bey danced to the beat while holding a glass of liquor. Jay seemed to be very enthralled as the two looked into each other’s eyes with such intense and sultry vibe.

Bey wore a very sexy crop top paired with a mini skirt while her hubby sported his usual jeans, black coat topped with a fedora hat.

The divorce rumors started to circulate back when Solange Knowles fought with Jay Z at the elevator of one of the most prestigious hotels in New York.

The two have been waving off the rumors that they are headed to a divorce right after their ‘On The Run’ concert tour which will end in France this September.

Other occasions which made the rumors even stronger were when Bey was spotted apartment shopping without Jay. Also, she changed the lyrics of one of her songs which people interpreted that Jay cheated on her.

Jay was linked to Rihanna, Rita Ora and other celebrities who were said to be the other woman.

Bey addressed these rumors by posting photos on Instagram showing how much of a happy family and a couple they are.

Bey and Jay were last seen at the VMAs when Blue Ivy and Jay rushed to the stage as Bey grabbed four awards with her songs.

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