Two-dollar bills Scattered at ‘Made in America’ by Jay Z, Meet "The $2 Bill Man"

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Rapper Jay Z threw a stack of $2 bills during the ‘Made in America’ music festival last Saturday. Attendees were showered with cakes and champagne all throughout the night and they thought the money was just part of Jay Z’s act.

No reason was given for the ‘sharing’ of $2 bills.

The bills, however, are said to be from a man named Mr. Stevan Reisman. He is the lawyer of many in the hip-hop industry. He is known as “The Two Dollar Bill Man” because of the iconic trademark he gives away. Reisman is connected with Kanye West, Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Bieber, Big Sean, Michael Strahan, Drake, among other stars.

Reisman was said to be handing out his famous $2 bills at the concert last weekend. He is known as the $2 bill dispensary for all the stars in the rap and hip-hop world.

Complex, a show which focused on music, has investigated Reisman in hopes of finding the reason for the $2 bills. A story circulated Reisman was once given a $2 bill for his change. He thought that it was a ‘lucky coincidence’ and he started to give out $2 bills anywhere he goes.

He said that he left them as tips, he left them on the subway and he gave them out at concerts.

There was a video shown by Complex where Reisman first met Drake. Drake was captured by how Reisman knew almost all the lyrics to his songs. Reisman handed a $2 bill to Drake when he was on stage.

Complex said that Reisman was everywhere. He was in Instagram and Twitter pages as more stars shared photos of them with this man and his trademark item.

Reisman made it clear that he did not seek fame. He is just a man who loves rap music has been running charitable causes and giving free concert tickets to those in need

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