Apple considering a $400 price for the iWatch

Cesar Ian S. Fuentes – Fourth Estate Cooperative Tech Contributor

Cupertino, United States (4E) – Recent reports claim that Apple is toying with the idea of retailing its much anticipated iWatch at USD 400. The smartwatch’s September 9 release along with the next generation iPhones is already a given thought, but the wearable’s price and availability are still questions left open for us to speculate.

Folks from Re/code claim that the Cupertino company’s top executives are on the table discussing the supposed price tag of the device. Plus, the source also pointed out that the watch will have several variants that suggest different pricing range.

The thought may be credible enough knowing that having many configurations of the wearable could open to different oppurtunities in different markets. However, if this is the case, we won’t wait long enough to find out.

Apple has the reputation of having no concern about how much their hardware would cost as long as it is a more superior product compared to the closest competition. Nevertheless, if the wearable would indeed have a USD 400 tag, it would go up against existing devices from LG, Samsung and Motorola which are considerably priced lower, even half of the speculated price.

However, the September 9 event will only serve as an introduction to the wearable. For those planning to purchase the iWatch will have to wait until early next year for its primetime release.

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