Google’s drone-based courier Project Wing takes on Amazon Prime Air

Cesar Ian S. Fuentes – Fourth Estate Cooperative Tech Contributor

Mountain View, CA, United States (4E) – Google is making a concerted push in several new areas aside form its popular products like Search and Maps. Recently, the search company has been in the forefront of the latest technological research like the heavily-lauded modular phone program called Project Ara and the balloon-clad internet service provider called Project Loon. Now, the Android maker announces a brand new drone-delivery program called the Project Wing. As the name implies, this system is intended to compete with Amazon’s Prime Air.

The courier service is set to utilize a lightweight helicopter-plane hybrid device. Currently, these Google drones have been tested to support several humanitarian programs. Out from the Google X labs, a division wherein the most ambitious technology is being developed, these drones are designed to take off and land vertically, and fly in a similar fashion to a gliding airplane in the air.

The technology is nothing different to the company’s self-driving car efforts wherein the device under test is programmed to have a specific route and being controlled in just a push of a button. Once the recipient is located, the drone will set out an extended wire to deliver the package.

Aside from Amazon and Google, Facebook is also testing a similar device earlier this year. Big G is very open to the idea that it could take several years before this system will become available for commercial use. In the meantime, Google drones concentrate in delivering goods in several areas for disaster relief programs.

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