Demi Lovato Thanks Kim Kardashian and Beyonce

June Javelosa – Fourth Estate Cooperative Contributor

Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – Young star Demi Lovato sends Kim Kardashian and Beyonce a shout out for “revolutionizing our generation’s view…of what beautiful is.”

Lovato, who opened up about her own struggles with body image, credits the reality star and pop sensation for the shift in what is considered an “acceptable” size for women.

“You can think whatever you want about the Kardashians, but they really did help tons of women feel comfortable in their own skin, and I like to carry that message on.” She adds.

After being treated for eating disorders and self-harming in 2010, Lovato has been very vocal about being a role model for young women dealing with the societal pressure to become thin. She believes that there is a very important need to represent different body types in media.

In support of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week in 2012, she sent this tweet out to her followers—”Most models are thinner than 98 percent of Americans. Instead of trying to change our bodies, how about we try to change our culture?”

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