Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber in Canada, rumors fly they’re together again

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Ontario, CA, United States (4E) – Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been teasing about their rumored on-again relationship ever since the latter posted and deleted a photo of a woman he carried who may have been Gomez. They have also been seen taking Bible studies together and going to movies in recent weeks.

So what is the real deal between these two? Bieber posted a black and white photo of him and Sel have made their Jelena fans really happy. The two are reportedly in Canada and Justin is visiting his father.

The couple was reported to have been at a Tim Hortons. They were reportedly there around 7:30 PM in New Hamburg, Ontario. Witnesses say that the couple grabbed some take-out dinner at the restaurant. A source has revealed that his dad lives in the area and that Justin has been in the restaurant for the third time this year.

The witness added that Sel was the one who ordered the food and was accompanied by bodyguards. Justin was in the bathroom that time. The source said that they ordered lots of food and drinks such as paninis, crispy chicken sandwiches and donuts.

The insider claims that the couple wanted to go incognito as he suspected that they rode in different vehicles. Also, while at the restaurant, they did not speak to each other.

The couple reportedly took a private plane to get to Canada.

Justin and Selena first split on January this year. They reunited shortly thereafter but called it quits again on April. Justin unfollowed Sel on Instagram which made Jelena fans sad.

During their time off, there have been no reports that Justin or Selena have dated someone else but both stars have been seen out with different people. Justin was seen with a bunch of models and one of the Kardashians. Sel on the other hand celebrated her birthday with a businessman but the relationship did not progress.

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