Labor Day Weekend quandary: to bring a bikini or a raincoat to the party

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Sacramento, CA, United States (4E) – With the Labor Day weekend just around the corner, many are asking what to bring for the holiday. Would it be a bikini or raincoat? Depending on where one spends it, then it is best to pack an umbrella if ever.

In the Northeastern United States, expect warm weather as the temperatures over the weekend would soar before a cold front to arrive. Saturday is best for fun in the sun, but there is some chance of rain. By Sunday, thunderstorms are most likely to occur, especially around the New England to the Mid Atlantic Seaboard.

For Montana and other states, a high pressure system would keep warm and dry areas through Thursday. The range of temperatures would be a high of 80 degrees Farenheit with lows of about 40 degrees Farenheit. Come Thursday until Friday, rain showers may occur, as fall like weather breeze precipitates the incoming cold weather.

Saturday would have temperatures around the 70s to about the 60s, with gusty winds during the most of the day. This would continue until Sunday, which include increased possibility of rain showers. In high mountain regions, expect snow to form between Saturday until Sunday morning.

In the Central United States, a cloud formation bringing rain and thunderstorms would hit the Northern Rockies and move towards the Great Plains. As it hits Texas, the rain cloud system would grow and start to hit the Mississippi Valley up until Florida, extending to the Great Lakes. Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis and other major cities would be affected by this raincloud system.

According to Severe Weather Expert Henry Margusity, “We will be monitoring the potential for severe weather late Sunday into Monday over portions of the Upper Midwest to the central Plains. The disturbance moving out of the northern Rockies could spark severe storms from Minneapolis to Des Moines, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska, late this weekend.”

Sunny conditions are expected over the Southwestern United States, including the West Coast and part of the northern Plains including the Atlantic Seaboard. With the departure of Hurricane Cristobal and Tropical Storm Marie, the surf conditions in the East coast as well as the California seaboard is expected to improve. Warnings are still up in several areas, so sun worshippers need to be aware of the conditions before laying down their beach towels and have fun in the sun.

There is still a wildfire danger alert in the West, and a dry air system would be coming into the Four Corners region. There would be no danger for flash floods but brush fire is the greater danger. Thus campers are warned to be very careful with flammable equipment as well as simple campfires to avoid a conflagration to occur.

As the tropical storms exit the area, the Southeast would still experience scattered rains and thunderstorms as the jetstream still draws water filled air northward from the Gulf of Mexico. These rainclouds would put a damper on the Labor day weekend in the northern Gulf Coast, to the Lower Mississippi Valley to the Tennessee Valley and the southern Appalachians. The clouds and rain would help lower temperatures but expect warm weather to permeate the region.

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