Jennifer Aniston thinks marriage, motherhood don’t define a woman’s value

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Hollywood, CA, United States (4E) – The media has been obsessed on celebrities getting married and having kids. Jennifer Aniston argues that those two things should not define a woman’s value. An interview with Aniston by Carson Daly of Today has been released online.

Aniston was firm with her point saying that the society determines a woman’s worth whether or not she procreates and she thinks it should not be an issue at all. She noted that she does not have a checklist of things she has to do. She noted that if some things in her list are not checked, it means she has in some ways failed being a woman. Aniston believes that’s not how things should be done.

The actress adds that not because a woman has not birthed a child it does not decrease her value as a woman. She said you can birth a lot of things and mother many things and it’s unfair to put that kind of pressure to someone.

The interviewer asked Aniston’s fiancée of two years, Justin Theroux, why the media is so obsessed and fascinated with his fiancée’s life to which he replied, “If you have an answer to that, please let me know.”

Aside from motherhood and marriage, Aniston also talked about her evolution not only as an actress but also as a person.

Aniston said that she feels like she has grown up three times. She noted that she feels like she had three different periods of adolescence. She added that she has had an incredible evolution and that she keeps seeing these little lifetimes she has lived and described them all as wonderful.

She continued saying, “All of the fears that I’ve overcome, challenges that you face that you think, ‘Oh, there’s no way I’m gonna be able to get through this,’ and by the grace of God, you have that strength in you and you get through it.”

She ended saying that she is grateful for her evolution and everything in between that she would never exchange her experiences for anything.

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